Selasa, 15 November 2016


Recently I really enjoy netflix-ing, from one movie to another, from one tv series to another. Lately I've been watching REIGN, tv series about Scotland and France Kingdom. I personally love the life of the royal, everything about King, Queen, Princes, and Princesses are so adorable and magnificent.

I love the British accent in the series, it makes them so graceful, everything that speak out from their mouth is very thoughtful and careful. To show their anger but in elegant way without make them look threatened. To choose the right words as a strategy to conquer other people, to hide the sadness not to make them look weak in front of people. I adore how they solve their problem with dignity. I might be a little jealous to see that they can speak and thinking fast. I adore their braveness, when people talking bad in front of my face, there were always war in my head about what I should response, I might be just shut my mouth, neither because I am noble-ish or kind, it is only because I don't really care about what people say...

The issue in REIGN is also about love story about the Scotland Queen and France Prince, who always put their countries first. The Queen might sacrifice her love for her country. She's the one that makes love more complicated, but interesting. This tricky and mutual romance makes this series unpredictable and makes me can't stop watching it. 

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