Senin, 22 Juni 2015

One Circumstances

I don't remember being myself. I don't remember which character I am used to or which I should be now. I feel like I am in one circumstances which I don't feel comfortable about myself coz I've been hiding behind the mask to fit in with people.

Many times in my life I feel like I'm the right one, feel like I can read people's character and they are wrong all the time according to my 'smart' mind. I consider myself a leader while I'm just a clumsy girl craving for attention. I've been searching for peace but usually end up make things worse. I don't know who to trust, I don't even trust myself. I love people but I hate them behind, like I love to talk more about the person's bitchy attitude than their kindness. I'm one jealous bitch on everybody who has more friends, more money and more look. 

I even be mad to everyone around me because I love to have power and people can't control me. I don't wanna end up leaving best thing coz too busy chasing unreal thing. I just wanna be faithful. Life's still young.

P.S. I just wanna get your attention.

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