Selasa, 02 September 2014


I've been stepping on year 24 of my life. It's been my pleasure to have this long journey. It's not always a smooth one but at least I'm still here right now because I am strong.

I know I have not achieved much, I have not been a good daughter but slowly I try to look after them in my way. I really am not a lovey-dovey daughter but I try to give them more time and thought. It's still hard for me to be a caring daughter and sister but I always think of them and count on them in my every big decision.

Hello love story, could this end up well or give me another heartbreak ? We'll see. I always try my best in every relationship but this time is different because there's someone who appreciate me well (I guess). I can't say it's always pretty but it's something I want to fight for. Let time tell, no more trick hopefully.

The challenge is real in my job. Start crying again because of work. I know I never been a detail person, I don't do anything well. It's always been a hard trying and I can never be a perfectionist, but I keep running and I won't give up. People won't care about my sadness or my burden, they might think I'm fool but I still won't give up coz people don't know me. Just be patient and be tough !

Lately I've been so care less to my good friends. It's been a busy time and we almost don't have time to gather, but my thought always goes to you who were there for me in my single and lonely time, through my ugly and bad time, through crying and laughing. We're just getting busy with all the things now but we'll still be in touch.

To my lovely God, I know I'm not perfect, still lazy to go to Church and still forget to pray every night but I love you God through my bad day and my good. I will remember you in every way. My life is in your hand and your plan will always be the best for me.

Hello there twenty four, take it easy on me !

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