Minggu, 17 Agustus 2014

Love is in the air

Hello love life,

It's been 3 years single life and just started a new love with a guy I never knew I wanted. Been so in love lately and it's a good thing to love again, fight again, and start missing him a lot. 

It's been a while now and it's different (I guess), it's a great different. This time I feel safer and it's not more of heavy breathing. A lot of doubt of course, but it's beautiful to have someone whom I can compromise everything with. It's not a big deal to have a fight when you know you always forgive and be forgiven. Back in the day I was an introvert and not brave enough to speak for what I want but I believe right now I can say anything without feeling scare to be judged.

It's very new for me to have someone I can depend on, someone that I know I can live with, a best friend for life. As usual I don't wanna have a great expectation but he tries hard to make me believe we'll end up well. I'm happy to have him and I'll take care of it not by letting him win all the time when we argue, but doing everything fair.

We'll certainly have bad times but this time I want things to work out well. I don't need someone who pretend to be somebody else for a relationship, I want him as him, the ordinary man who make an extraordinary effort continuously to make me happy. I'm looking forward to have a happy ending. I really wanna believe that this relationship is worth having :)

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