Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Love of my life

This is the story that I choose to keep to myself. Like a living death ain't got no feeling coz I feel so alive when I'm with you. I really can't guess what this really mean, but for Godsake it's exhausted to love and got no return. Scare enough to move on coz you could be the love of my life.

The only thing I really want is lost, it's even harder when I don't know why. Just give me a reason to hate you coz I can't. So now I'm seeking something to do to keep you away from my heart and mind, to let you go and be happy without you. You are the reason I'm trying to be a great woman, a beautiful one because you probably can love me back. I want you to see me, love me like I'm the only one. I hate not hearing from you,  I hate you don't ask my day. I hate why I care too much of you and it's really sucks that I can't handle it.

Like a dark grey sky my heart is screaming without anyone know because losing my love is trully hurt and I'm afraid if I speak up it will be worse, to lose a friend and to be ignored like I'm no one. 

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