Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Dear God

Dear God,
Lately I feel like I have no soul, just like no passion to boost my life. In my mind, I don't wanna give these things up, but in my heart I just feel this is worthless. If I can quit now, I will but I know I'm grown up now, a young adult with a lot of points to achieve. I really want to grow strong after all this terrible storm but this is I have no power to control it. 

Dear God, you know I'm so hopeful to find another chance, this is not the way I say that I'm not grateful with all the responsibility you give me, but if I can start over all my work, I perfectly sure I will do it better. God, please give me this chance. I can't promise you anything but it will be so great for me to find my passion again 

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