Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

Random thought

I should have known that what I had done was stupid
No matter how hard I try to please,
it's me who's hurt at last.

Who are you to compare with the morning sun?
One childish heart who made me think again about love
All that I know is you give me not even one reason
to embrace the night

Now I'm pretty scare to face the moon because it's never enough to brighten 
my dark grey night
If you give up your morning shine, my life will definitely fade away.

Like a young girl learning about love
I'm ready to be hurt
Because love hurt whether it's right or wrong
After all the things I've done to speak up what I feel,
you just leave.

I still can't get you out of my head, though.
You might be feeling bad about me 
but I don't wanna play another stages.
If it's right not to talk to you 
so go, fly, and find your way home.

I don't wanna step on your way
I couldn't say I don't love you but love is just not enough.
(How do you look at someone you love & tell
yourself its time to walk away?)

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