Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Hold on, Kiddo

There were times that I had too much thinking about love and finding the right one. I kept thinking what do I have less than any other girl, what can I do to have an epic love story, or is he the one I have to flirt on?
For many girls, having a great love story is a huge achievement, they might be like awards that we can be proud of. We might talk about it to everyone and make them jealous. 

One 'galau' night, I was trying to find the answers for all my questions and because of that matter I read the bible on my blackberry, then I find these words (which I had mentioned before) :

"Sebab mungkin karena itulah dia dipisahkan sejenak dari padamu, supaya engkau dapat menerimanya untuk selama-lamanya"-Filemon 1:15

Those were like magic words and for the first time I feel like it was so clear. Seems like it was God's way to tell me the answer to all my doubt and it was God's way to say 'Hold on, Kiddo. You don't know how long will forever be, it's still not the right time'. For that reason, I choose to hold on this impatience and passion to find love (right now). I know people might push me hard to get a guy but I am a grown up. Teenage love won't be a good choice, it's irresponsible and childish. 

And right now, whenever I am upset just remember those magic words and cheer myself up. It will take more time but it will also bring more pleasures.

I remember The Vow movie quote: "No matter what challenge might carry us apart, we will always find the way back to each other". That's exactly what we (me and my lover) are doing now, finding the way back to each other ;)

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