Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

This too will pass

When it came the time to make this skrip-sh*t thing, I had no doubt to get through this easily.
But when it's just run out, it is beyond what I imagined. I was so messed up because I was too wishy-washy to do it as quick as possible and it ended up to a big trouble.

I had to changed my subject too many times and it's just sucks ! 
I hate to make myself look stupid and stubborn. I was too busy to compete and I wasn't thinking of it seriously. 
This is hard obviously to see everyone goes happily and graduate before October while I can't.
What can I say, I have to do this, everyone does !
Keep telling myself not to complain, nothing to worry about.
As soon as I finish the first chapter, it will all be clear.
C'mon Angel ! KICK THE ASS ! BREAK A LEG !

This Too Will Pass O:-)

1 komentar:

  1. Kicking ur dosen ass ? my i help u break their legs too ?..

    *sekolah ndak* <-- suara bergema di kepala :P