Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Restless Heart n Mind

Hello there...
Holiday's coming anyway and I don't have some important plan for vacation because of the final thesis.
Oh, I had a difficult time meeting my lecturer and I was too lazy to go to the next chapter. Speaking of holiday, the results of 2 final final exams are out and they are A's yeayyyy.... I made it great in the last semester of my university life. It's the philosophy I'm really scare about, but I have a good feeling of it :)

Oh ya, this Friday will be great to have some bbq party in my house. My friends will come and I hope all of them come because it's so hard to meet them after this holiday. We are busy with our thesis and we don't have any class anymore. So it will be awesome to have some party before we graduate.

I am started to get lonely and sensitive about graduation, I guess. When people just doing hard to get away soon from the university, I don't feel the same way. I still need some times playing and I'm really not sure about what I will be. Office life will be so much different and I'm afraid not to have time to hangout with friends (Might be because I'm single).

I never know what God's plan for me. One thing I believe is He never dissapoint me. May be it's not the right time to understand his grace and blessing for me, but I know it will be amazing at last.
I think it's just my restless heart and mind that are too busy searching for the clues to find out the answers.
It will come clear soon for sure.
Love you, Jesus 0:-)

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