Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Words can bring you down

Sometimes people fake their smile for politeness n formality
Cause they don't like you n want you to stop doing things they don't like
It's like giving a coin for street singers
Give it sooner to make them stop singing awfully

Sometimes people be proud of what they have,
not what they do
You know, actually they have nothing
All we have can be taken n wasted
But our kindness heart will be long lasted

Sometimes people keep their heart from broken
while they're not doing things.
Unless you're Beyonce, you have right 
to have the best thing you never had

Sometimes people be arrogant for some attention
Without knowing what people talk behind them
And for some reason they will fall with no one lift them up
Cause they appreciate themself more than anyone else
words they said n things they did will stab them painfully at last
And no one be surprised

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