Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

When Words Simply Not Working

When the words couldn't stand for my feeling,
what I need just standing beside you n watching your move
I feel weak when a smile can't make u feel me
But everything is just remain empty for you

How come I couldn't talk to you when my lips were full of story?
Story that I make every single night that I wish to tell you
But when I saw you, I was just lost in translation
Couldn't speak, couldn't barely smile

You are my favourite poem in my lately night
The beautiful poem I write down in the moment I was thinking of you
You're my sun in my darkest dream 
And I wish you know my heart is trying to whisper you 'hi'

I feel so terrible to miss so many chances
But I know still so many days to try
to make you hear my step
and finally notice the tears that I cry 
when I was missing you 

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