Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

People Always Leave (Part II)

People leave to die in each and everyday,
this week was more.
People around me n what I saw on TV
They just died without any expectation, without knowing the time

People around them cried to see them passed away
And I felt their sadness 
The tears they cry wouldn't change the fact that they're gone
Leaving all the memories they make
Leaving the chapter unfinished
So be tough n start moving on

Whether you couldn't see them again,
they still live in your heart
Just feel it in every heart beat 
Though their body were gone, they will remain look after you 
keeping you as their beloved one

So, for the words left unsaid
Please God, speak the words with other's lips
For the things left undone
Please God, finish it with other's hands.
Bad things would just be forgiven 
Good things will always be recalled

P.S. For every secret they never tell let just left untold because they had reasons to cover it up

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