Minggu, 06 November 2011

Relationship in my point of view

Lately I was distracted by some thought about relationship.
What bring a relationship stand strong in some differences?

Well, when I was a teenage I thought relationship is all about caring, forgiveness, n forgetting the mistakes?
But I know now that I was wrong.
People are not strong enough to do them, too much tears to drop n too much heartaches to keep.

Strong relationship for me is about bringing happiness to each other, accepting, n believing that he/she will never hurt you.
Jealousy could come sometimes but it won't bring u to split up, even u will have a stronger relationship.
People who love u won't like to see you sad and if they did, so just leave because there are more people who love you better.

I know how it hurt to leave someone who made a lot of memories with u but there are things they couldn't do that made u cry.
So many times I thought I was strong enough to change u to someone better by staying beside u 
but then I found it hurt when u didn't even pay attention after-all.
Then soon we begin to hate each other like hell.

So don't pretend to be strong enough because everyone deserve the best.
If you stand for someone who makes u cry often, think again what do u stand for?

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