Jumat, 16 September 2011

Pssstt....This is a secret

Start with asking his name from my friend and end up with paying attention to his coolness,
his clothes, his behavior and all of his little details.
Yes it's just another physical attraction, 
once again I'm tricked by a charming man

Honestly, I had no idea to like him at first
but after my friends tried to convince me bout him
I'm starting to have some kind of (little) chemistry
I'm starting to daydream n imagine bout him.

When my friend tried to make us know each other
I felt so great yet embarassed
I know he felt that awkward moment

To be honest, I'm hoping that I have been on the next step since then
but I'm not.
Even I couldn't give him just one smile when I face him
All we did just making no expression
Hmmm...Just another awkward moment

Aaaahh... No more miss shy shy cat
I have to be more spontaneous
I don't want him to see me arrogant ( I swear, I'm just too shy )
Instead of being more than friend, I just wanna make friend
Just one warm smile to each other will be great :)

-No expression = a clue means "Call me, call me !" :P
-I'm afraid that he has had someone, so it's better not hoping too much.

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