Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Young Healthy Happy

Woooohooo....I'm 21 years old now
Thanks God I have this beautiful life
Lots of wishes I have n I still wish it can happen soon
But I know i have to wait to get the best
Sabar dalam segala hal, ga boleh gegabah dan terburu2
Slow down baby
God knows what I really need

I was so happy yesterday to have so many friends to pray for me
Though a lot of people I hoped to do it but they didn't
But i know they pray for me every single day 
Because birthday is more likely a reminder for myself
if i am not a child anymore, I have to do something worth for me n for people who love me
I should push myself harder everytime coz I won't give myself up

Thanks mom n daddy for the 'Angpao'
Thanks sista for the presents
Thanks my family to have such a lovely birthday dinner at Pizza Hut
Thanks friends for the wishes
Thanks God because I'm young, healthy, happy :)


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