Jumat, 26 Februari 2016





Hidup koq ga bisa ya tenang2 ajah ?
Selesai 1 masalah, dateng lagi masalah baru. Malahan masalah kayak dateng bertubi2. Mungkin lebay kedengerannya. But you have to know, I live with a lot of anger and dissapointment inside.

Mungkin orang - orang di sekitar gw semuanya merasa jadi Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sempurna, which I never care actually. But when they feel like they need to change me to be like them, my life is like HELL.

Where can I find my freedom ?

If life wasn't about money, maybe I am now not sitting at bed now. May be would be in other side of the world.

Mungkin gw bego kali ya and I can't do anything about that. 
I'm a person who never trully love anything, May be I'm selfish, I can't accept critic. I really don't think people should care everything I do with my life, 

STOP YELLING AT ME TO CHANGE coz I don't think it ever work....
I'm not perfect and I don't wanna be

I'm stuck with hypocrite people who think that he's so perfect that he can change me and also one woman that maybe someday will get karma for what she's done and I would be lucky if I can watch it.... 

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