Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

Choose Me, Pick Me, Love Me

"Choose me, pick me, love me, " Said Meredith to Dr. Sheperd who has a wife.

Woman can do anything for a sweet love story, though she knows people will stop and stare at her like she's a bitch but love means sacrifice. I want a sweet love story but I'm not that desperate to say it out loud. May be it's my ego that I hold on tight. I might be worried about what people think of me, it matters a lot, but honestly it's been a hard time to keep this thing to myself.

I am an introvert girl with strong ego, I pretend to be fine but I'm not. I'm so afraid of losing even when I haven't got it. So, for someone out there, deep down in my heart I always wanna tell you "Choose me, pick me, love me"

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