Senin, 19 November 2012


I used to think setelah kuliah hidup akan  lebih tenang, aman, tentram dan tinggal menikmati hasilnya. In fact, I am working but I'm not enjoying it too well. Mungkin karena baru kerja jadi feelingnya belum dapet atau karena dalam bekerja itu, kita ga tau kapan bisa naik ke level selanjutnya. Although I can earn money by myself, not depending on parents too much but things aren't great enough now.

It's the time that I am much thinking about getting back to college. Yeahh...looking for satisfaction in life isn't that easy. Though I had the job before graduated from college, while my friends are still looking for it, but it's so hard to have time for myself and just hangout with friends. May be I need some plans, I need some improvements, and I need some motivations. Going through life will be better with purposes. 

Looking back at the purposes of life that I had years ago, I wanna be an author, I wanna be a translator, and I wanna do business as well. I hope the door will open for me because I believe I can do them and I have faith on myself that nothing I can do with God by my side. 

So then, I'll try my best not to complain because there are more people not as lucky as I am.
Tell myself I am the lucky one :)

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