Rabu, 04 April 2012

If I Could Just Sell My Tears

If I could just sell my tears
to buy a new story to read...

I'm not a sweet lover who made your world beautiful
I'm not a girl who did everything to get your love
I'm not a young heart who told you to stay with me 
even when you didn't love me enough
But I own a big heart to fight for your happiness, babe

If I could just sell my tears
to make me look stronger in front of you....

It's not my first time having this kind of pain
You're not the one who don't love me the way I love you
Sometimes I just think that I am just a temporary home
Everyone came to me when the rain coming
then they just went away when the rainbow showing up

I am !
But I know I can stand again with another hand to hold

If I could just sell my tears
to throw all my weakness away
I swear I make it sale....

So, again it's just another sad story to remember
It's a part that I can't erase and I wouldn't
Just wanna know how to be something you miss.
But I guess I can't stand to face you right now

If I could just sell my tears
I'll be rich and strong when it's sold out...

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