Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

You've got my message

When I fell in love,
my mind just explodes the good things bout you.
Whatever you did, you always looked right to me.
Then the time just passed us by
I might be hoping you to move but you never did.
So I moved on

I'm not upset because of you,
it's me who was so pathetic and immature to like you
eventhough I had known that we would never be
For God shake, I'm still anxious about what you're feeling to me
but for some reasons, it doesn't matter anymore
Coz it's just comfort to have you as friend 
and you're the warm heart I can't replace

You know what, I think you have to be happier
I'm dying to make you laugh, don't you know that?
So, please find someone who can make you laugh at your hardest moment
And be more patient coz time won't eat you, babe
I still care of you, dude.
You have to know that :)

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