Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

It's not Christmas without YOU :)

It's Christmas eve today, not as white as the Christmas songs they are playing but it's wonderfully great. Last year I celebrated it with someone but I'm so alone now. Honestly I miss having someone special but thank God I'm having a really awesome friends. It's not Christmas without you all :)

This year was so great to me especially December. I always love this month, always full of joy n happiness. I love seeing the Christmas trees everywhere I go, the Christmas songs, and all the wishes I've got. Merry Christmas for you right there. You know how I adore you so much but you're not even giving effort. So I decide to move on. I can't wait forever, Baby. 

I'm glad that I have been through this year very well. Eight months single didn't make me less happy. Too much memories I can't forget. I love every single moment of us. I love how much I've learnt that I deserve to have great things in my life. I've changed a lot this year to be better, to enjoy my life, to love everyone more, to be more sensitive n care, to be less suspicious n more possitive thinking. My life is brilliant :)

I've been a good girl.
So Santa, can you give me more gifts this year ? :)

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