Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Space Between My Faith n Religion

Hey People, I just wanna share some of my thoughts that i've felt for some times. 

Have u ever felt u're empty when u were in church or in mosque or in vihara or etc ?
There was time, no, there were times when i felt so...
Like i go to Church n end up accept nothing,

My religion teacher once told me that "Yesus dateng ke dunia untuk menyelamatkan manusia dan bukan untuk mendirikan agama"
May be it was the reason I started to think why I have to do all this activity? Go to Church every week or join for some events.......
So, i feel like i doubt this human made, called RELIGION.
Somehow I BELIEVE IN GOD N I LOVE HIM. I'D ALSO THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING HE GAVE ME but i don't think religion is a right media.
May be in my situation, I get bored with routinity. The same eucharist every week makes me trapped in stagnation.

Again, there were times I saw somebody. He was soooooooooo religious n what everyone didn't know is he cheated so many time from his wife.
You know, I don't wanna be some kind of hypocrite like him. So pathetic.

I am not a religious person, i don't go to church every week so am i a bad person?
I am not doing show off but I do charity, i give my times to cheer my friends in bad times, I obey my parents n I don't kill people...
I do lies sometimes but HEY that's what u also do, right????

The thing is I don't want to be pushed to go to Church n end up empty.
I want to do it with all my heart n I can feel peace in my heart which i haven't felt it yet.
I don't want to change my religion but i want to learn to feel God's presence through my Religion an make me feel happy...
Because i believe my faith in God

PS. I just try to tell u all about my feeling n I'm not provocating u to leave ur religion.

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