Senin, 13 September 2010

Keep this secret

it's been so long
that I feel so alone n lonely
don't know what's there in front
all I've done was walking forward

when I see u
the bell was ringing inside my head
When I see ur smile
the sun was smiling like never before
When u look at me
my heart was playing the music

I'm burried in dream
n I feel no desire to wake up
nothing to say
nothing to do
Seeing u gives me strength
to hold da world with my empty hands
There's a feeling that I should deny
Coz I don't feel chance

Juz keep the time
when I see u
keep the memory
when u smile
Keep the secret as mine

I'm asking u
can u read my mind????
n let ur feeling showed of
coz u're killing me slowly in ur silence

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