Senin, 13 September 2010

can't start these words right here

can't start these words right here
so stupid...
something told me I can't lie
deep inside I wanna cry
but not this time

much more things I know these days
make me stronger
I feel really sure bout bad or good
n I saw I didn't make wrong decission
Please tell it to my face if I did so
U owe me that story that I don't really know what it is

it will never enough sleep to dream
it will never quite words to describe my feeling
but I still has not enough reason to be sad of letting go
I'm happy
don't u doubt me for it

Blame me if u'll be satisfied for it
I can't be so fool to let SH*T coming over my face
I'm absolutely sure bout one thing
Maybe I'm wrong but u're not always right

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