Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012


You could hide your pretty heart from anyone else, but not from me
You could hide your smile from me, but I could feel it warmly
Despite your cold face, I know you're just a little kiddo with so much ambission
Feeling safe when you're around because you take care of me without too many words
but there is always a wall between us that I don't know how to break it

You're always hot enough to melt me down
I don't even know how to hold on this feeling
I really miss you
I really miss to guess what's on your mind
I really miss your clumsiness, your persistence, and your jokes

Do you love me like I do?
I'm dying to know how you feel
The reason why you always be there for me all the time,
the reason why you make me feel so special
the reason that you stare at me and show your angelic smile 

You know, I love and hate your confidence
Sometimes it makes you be so arrogant and stubborn
but I love to treat you patiently
I love the way you be yourself
not pretending to be someone else
I love your childish heart that makes me wanna hug you
I love every question you ask me that you should never ask

I'm still hoping that in the end of the day 
that 'u' find the way to be 'us' 

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