Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Queen of Drama

You're the queen of drama
You amuse people with acting or just call it lying
Getting attention is what you really care
Oh you deserve the OSCAR for sure
and you love to try the winning speech to everyone

You're the queen of drama
You could be Cinderella or the mean step sister
Hoping the prince will come to make a chance trying the shoes
Cheating is your plan A
and you would love to beat the beast before knowing that he's the one
Shame on you to be rude

You're the queen of drama
People who talk jerks to you are your tiara
Coz all you know they shout your name to praise
Oh dear, you might get a chance to get standing ovation
You're awesome and unbeatable
Sky might not be your limit

Then you'll know when the curtain fall
You're just a girl with less self-confidence
trying to be anyone else to win this game 
You had no idea to lose untill you leave the stage 
and the cheers are finally over at the time

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