Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Don't let anyone steal your spotlight

There was a time I packed my dreams away
Living in a shell, hiding from myself.
There was a time when I was so afraid
I thought I'd reached the end.
Baby, that was then.
But I am made of more than my yesterdays 

- This is My Now

There's a pretty girl who dreams to be a singer
but she does nothing 
Just keep praying n daydreaming everytime
Trying a different clothes, feels like Britney Spears

There's a young man who's wanting to be MVP
but he just sits all day watching NBA
without taking risk to play in

What's the point of dreaming while you don't even try?
Like the birds, we have our own wings
All we have to do just learn to fly,
be ready to fall but keep trying

We have our own dream
I had a dream to be pianist once, 
but something told me it's not really my dream but my parent's
I had a dream to be a news reader n I still do
If I have chance, I know I won't miss it

Right now my dreams are to make my parents proud of me
I know maybe I will never be exactly what they want
Coz I have my own way
But I am towarding each and every day to fulfill it
I won't be still looking at my dreams that go away

Just like Rachel Berry who always keep looking for her spotlight
I always want to make a step everyday to reach my own destiny
If i get lost in a way, i always have choice to go back find new way
Or pack my dreams away 
And start from scratch
Pay attention to what's arround you n find a sign
Go for your happiness, rich n famous are just extra gifts
Don't let anyone steal your spotlight
It's never easy but it's not impossible :)

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