Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Like a roller coaster

Hell-O everyone, been so long not to write.
I've been stuck on a lot of emotions lately.
Oh well, I guess I miss having someone who give all attention to me.
My blackberry hasn't been ringing a lot n I just miss chatting with somebody
Okey Okey stop taking pitty of myself
Wake up Girl !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey you know i've been thinking a lot about my future
Working in the office till evening, almost don't have time for myself
Aaahh I honestly ain't ready
So i'm enjoying my college now
Seeing friends n making memories
Hangout n making more friends

Life is about choices, I guess
You can choose to be happy or sad
You can choose to wake up from nightmare or stay asleep
You can choose to use your brain more than your heart
You can choose to cry for your broken heart or smile to let them happy without you
I tell you, it's about making choices
Keep the bad people behind you
Your life wouldn't be interesting without them
And they're your stepping stone to prove that you are much better than them
Remember God beside you whenever n wherever
You don't have to hate somebody who was mean to you
They don't even know you as much as you do
There will always ups n downs in life
But u can always make fun of it just like a roller coaster :)

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