Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

I Got You :)

Hey there ! I've been missing you for weeks
How bout you?

U know, that I always adore u since I first saw you
Seriously, no kidding.
I like u because u are so funny, easygoing n cute
And great thing i love the most is the way u talk spontaneusly.
It takes so long for us to get close, more than a year i guess.
And it means two broken hearts for me

I was so surprised when u said u used to like me
I was shocked till I couldn't sleep
U said u were not brave enough to get closer to me
and I was about to cry
Coz i've waited for u for long time
and finally get chance to say I like u

When I saw u after that I was so shy
I didn't even said "hi" straight to ur face
Next thing I know u told me that i was arrogant
but u didn't know my heart was jumping when i saw u 

The next day, u texted me to have lunch together
But unfortunately i had mine :D
Then I saw u there n I pushed myself to call u (so u won't call me arrogant again)
It was our first real conversation n I just couldn't be patient for next

And the thing is we are here now
Apart by the distance but our heart is closer
I am so in love n u're so care
I love it
Hoping we have a great future
Coz my heart is saying YES all the time
I know i don't like you like I did, because right now I LOVE YOU 

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