Senin, 01 November 2010

Don't worry bout me, i'm ok :')

Hey there, how are u?
Miss u more today :)
Remembering how we met
It's funny how u entered my life
n how I like u so quickly.
Cute n simple guy, with kind heart.

Also remembering bout story that we ended.
How we felt that u n me would be better than us
Yupp...yupp...there are some points that we couldn't reach beby.
I know it but part of my heart can't accept that I lose u.

I do hate myself too
Why I still need u when I was weak
I'm so sorry
I don't know what u feel now
or may be u have someone else
Feels like I don't need to know n I don't wanna know.
I become so selfish right know
Don't be too kind to me coz I will fall again
But hey, I'm here for u when u need me.

I erase all about u because I can't accept that u might be with someone else right now.
I know I can have u again but I wish u don't hate me.
I won't ask for chance because no matter hard we try, it's u that will be hurt.
And I don't want to hurt u more.
Don't worry bout me, I'm ok
U know I have tears to heal my pain :)

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