Senin, 13 September 2010

Sad Words

"Coz when I'm with him,
I am thinkin of u, thinkin of u
what u would do if
u were the the one who was spending the night..."

Murmuring that song
gets my mind so 'open'
I start to memorize one by one memories that we've done
I remember every single of it

catch me up when u get into a mood
makes me think that u're not that into me (anymore)
feels like I'm a single fighter
no one help me
when I get hurt

I still remember ur touch on my back
when I left last day we met
It's been thousands year ago, I guess
n I've been thinking a lot about that time
I miss it

Not even a sec u left out of my head
but I don't think u do the same
It's fine if u wanna be straight to me
better we start makin' our future from now
if u think it isn't workin' by now
why don't u juz release me ???
so I can start to build another future soon

I'm so sick
sick of being paranoid all the time
It's so hard for me right now
being so introvert
afraid of telling anything to anybody
coz they will judge u at last
I don't want to put u in this situation
but I want someone to read mine
without giving any comment

I won't push u to do anything u don't like
but seriously, juz don't tell me lie
I don't wanna spend my life hating each other like fool

This morning when I was awake
I thought that I'm ok
but now when I want to sleep
I learn that I'm not
then I'm (again) murmuring a song

"I hope u know
I hope u know that there is nothing can do with u
it's personal, myself n I
We've got some straightening out to do
And I'm gonna miss u like a child miss their blanket
coz I've got gonna move on with my life
It's time to be a big girl now
n big girls don't cry"

Lastly, I wanna tell u that I'm still the same girl
u can trust me
I'm still so into u

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